The Abubakar Shekau faction of Boko Haram has reportedly released a new gruesome propaganda video.

It was gathered that the video featured among other things the execution of some men it claimed were spies of the Nigerian government that infiltrated the group.

The video which was done in Hausa and Arabic included series of footage showing Islamic priests, government officials and world leaders including a footage of President Muhammad Buhari, Donald Trump, former US President Barack Obama and several European leaders.

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The video also included execution of three persons which the Boko Haram claimed were recruited by Nigeria’s Directorate of Military Intelligence to infiltrate the group.

The persons were gruesomely executed at the end of the 7-minute video.

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The group also displayed large cache of high-grade military weapons including what appeared to be anti-aircraft missiles and boasted that it remains firmly in a place in the country that the Nigerian Army could not recapture.

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